richie fair picHi, my name is Richie Santucci, The Kundalini Kid and It took me many years to figure out what creates real health but I am here to help you today. I am a devoted yoga student, Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, Holistic Personal Trainer, actor, dancer and Singer / Songwriter. And thank you to all of you who came out to support Namastasia at The Forvm in my home town of Buffalo NY. Check us out on iTunes, CDBaby & YouTube.

Many people tell me they can’t picture me as a cage fighter to which I respond, I could never really picture myself doing yoga- so I understand their confusion. I struggled for a long time with chronic fatigue, brain fog and the associated depression that came with not being able to have the energy to do the things I love or socialize with my friends. I became very frustrated and at wits end when all the doctors and specialists told me that every test they ran was fine but yet I felt so horrible every day. I saw people in Nursing Homes who seemed to have more energy than I did and it just didn’t make sense. 

After trying almost everything in the conventional route, I searched for an herbologist my friend told me about and I wasn’t expecting what I found. He told me that what I had was a severe form of adrenal fatigue / overtraining syndrome and my major organs were starting to shut down. At first I was a little shocked but then I thought well, at least there’s someone telling me that there’s something I can do about it. So I traded in my boxing gloves for yoga blankets, I cleaned up my diet, started doing acupuncture, meditation and thinking more positively and after everything I did, I started to feel better. So I said “Why couldn’t my doctors and specialists tell me about all this simple stuff that made me feel like a kid again? ” So I started a Holistic Health Center for 4 years teaching people the simple techniques to getting their health back and feeling better than ever.

After a few years of disciplined Yoga practice at home, I had an experience one day while meditating that I will never forget. The mysterious and powerful energy known in Yoga studies as Kundalini shot right up my spine and started moving me into spontaneous and involuntary Yoga Poses. I had always learned about the phenomenon but I never really thought it would happen to me so quickly. And it didn’t stop there either- I let the Kundalini energy move me into powerful movements from other disciplines as well as a wealth of information about our health and our consciousness that I would like to share with you at my next seminar. You will learn how to avoid draining your energy as well as simple techniques to build your energy, stamina & happiness.

Thank You for visiting my website and please call or email me with any questions and make sure to check out my YouTube channel where I have some amazing videos further explaining the magical human energy that we all possess known as Chi / Kundalini.

Have a great day and Namaste!

– Richie Santucci

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