Video: See the body’s energy pulsing through the throat.

Great Explanation & Demonstration of the body’s Chi Energy or “Bio-Electricity”

Just like the Universe, our bodies are full of energy. Energy can be hard to define, even for top notch scientists like Einstein but nonetheless it is there and we are full of it. How healthy we are and how much energy building activities we do like Yoga, Acupuncture, Meditation or Tai Chi determines how strong and how much control over our energy we have. There are many different types of energy from potential to chemical to thermal, which we also have but our body’s energy flows mainly as Bio-electromagnetic energy through currents or pathways throughout the body. We have both electric charges and magnetic.

Chakras color clear bodydan tians pic

Now, this energy and these currents have been called many different things in different cultures but whatever you call it, we all have the same form of energy. In Chinese Medicine it is called chi and it travels through meridians. In Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga terminology- it is called shakti or kundalini and it travels through nadis and chakras. Now in western or modern day medical terms, I think it is easiest to understand it as bio-electromagnetic energy that runs through our circulation like our blood.

Pretty cool huh?

pic meridians channelsIllustration with silhouette of meditating person sitting in pose of lotus


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