Exercise and “fitness” have become very misleading terms. Did you ever notice how quickly you lose your “endurance” after just one or 2 off days or how you can still be exhausted at work most days of the week even after going to the gym everyday? Does this sound like fitness?

If you study the true experts like the Shaolin or Tibetan monks or even centarians in Nursing Homes, you’ll find a pretty shocking secret- they don’t do that much exercise! The reason is they are very intuitively intelligent and they prefer to spread their energy throughout their whole life span rather than waste it over a few spinning punishments.

Now this doesn’t mean that these people are couch potatoes either. They are simply “active” rather than exercise addicts. So what does this mean? I will show you how to be active and gain more cardio than you ever thought possible through the simple secrets of healthy nutrition, yoga, activity, improved sleep and easy breathing techniques.

Come join the hundreds of already successful holistic personal trainees as they continue to feel better and younger every year and learn the smarter not harder way. Register for a whole years membership and have access to the special members only exercise / activity page!

Have a great day & Namaste

– Richie

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