IS NOT GETTING SICK ALL YEAR WORTH LESS THAN $5 A MONTH??? I haven’t got sick in I don’t know how long so join me in feeling awesome this “flu season.”

The Choice Is Yours:

A. Natural Immunity: You can stay healthy, maintain good hygiene and do things to boost your immune system so that your body fights infections the way it was always meant to.

Smile While Everyone Else Is Coughing

I know this sounds harsh but I’m not asking you to put down your fellow classmates and coworkers, just not get sick while everyone else does! And there are two main times everyone gets sick at: Finals Week & Christmas so learn how to ward off the evil germs and be happy!

Tips For A Healthy Immune System:

For a healthy immune system, you need to be overall healthy so make sure you cover the basics. These are outlined for members only.

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My Awesome Apartment Made Chicken Soup Recipe! 

I made this recipe back in the day when I was in school and it rocks! The true benefits of chicken soup come from boiling the bones of the chicken to get the nutrients from the bone. I made REAL chicken soup once and it was so simple- just water, a chicken, some veggies, frozen peas, fresh ground black pepper and fresh parsley for flavor and it was delicious with no added sodium!


– Chicken: 1 (3 pound) organic / free range chicken without antibiotics or steroids- To make it easier, just use one or two large bones like leg bones for the soup and then you wont have to strain through as many tiny bones.
– Carrots: 4 carrots, chopped
– Celery: 4 stalks celery, chopped
– Onion: 1 large onion, chopped
– Frozen Peas: about 1 one pound bag
– Filtered water to cover
– Parsley & Rosemary: fresh parsley & rosemary (you can use dried crushed herbs if you dont have any fresh)
– Black Pepper: fresh ground black pepper for garnish
– Sea Salt: Pink or Grey Sea Salt (I would just sprinkle some in your bowl to get more flavor with less salt)

1A. If using raw chicken with bones: cook in a separate pot until the meat is cooked and falls off of the bones (skimming the foam or “chicken dirt” off every so often) Then simply drain the pot, separate the chicken from the bones and throw out the bones.
1B. If using cooked chicken without bones: just go to step 2 then add chicken when veggies are almost done.
2. In a separate pot: bring to a boil the carrots, celery and onion in a large soup pot.
3. Reduce veggies to low heat, add about ¼ cup fresh parsley and 1 tsp Fresh Rosemary and simmer until veggies are soft but not overcooked. (10- 15 minutes usually)
4. Add your frozen peas for about 5 minutes and your cooked chicken if using cooked chicken
5. Sprinkle your bowl of soup with sea salt (less than ¼ tsp) & fresh ground black pepper to taste. You can also add some more fresh parsley. Smile and eat with awesome friends and family, omitting the non-awesome ones. j/k


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